Writing and Selling Travelogues



Writing and Selling Travelogues

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Travel Writers Needed! Do you dream of living the fascinating life of a travel writer? Start your journey right now! Travel writing is a specialised branch of freelance writing that can be frustrating and challenging if you don't know how, but remarkably rewarding if you do.

Find out how to arrange trips to exotic destinations, arrange for help from local agencies, and sell it all to magazines and newspapers around the world. This unique course will teach you to enjoy your travels even more, as you record your experiences for others to read.

You will learn that what is in your backyard is as glamorous a place, as are far-away places to others. So you don't have to journey far to come up with a travel story. The course will show you the various types of travel writing and tell you how to sell your stories before you travel.

You'll learn about the importance of researching both your destination and your markets, how to find unique angles for "evergreen" stories, what to take with you when you travel, what to look for while you're travelling, and how to make multiple sales from each trip.

Embrace the wonderful world of the travel writer and experience one of the most wondrous and rewarding occupations with this course.