Writing Saleable Articles



Writing Saleable Articles

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There is no question that the quickest and most convenient way to make money from writing is to produce saleable articles. It is the quickest because mass market magazines are constantly on the look out for new articles, and it is the most convenient because the subject material can be something you already know about.

Generally an article is non-fiction work dealing with facts around a real-life subject in contrast with fictional stories based mainly on creative imagination and plot planning. It may be an instructional article of the Do-It-Yourself variety (very popular in household magazines).

It may be a descriptive article, such as a travelogue, recounting your visit to an exotic or unusual spot. It may be an interview with an exceptional personality or celebrity who happens to cross your path.

It may cover one of a thousand different subjects, for the subject matter is real life, and in real life the scope for stories is virtually unlimited. Providing you do it well, you can write an article on just about anything, and providing you pick your market correctly, you can sell it.

Your first reaction will probably be one of horror! You will throw up your hands and say, "I know nothing. I have no special knowledge. I have not been trained for anything."

Not true! From experience with hundreds, perhaps thousands of students over the years who have uttered this plaintive cry, we know that somewhere there is something that you can write about. Something special that you can say to other people.

You don't think so because to date you have not looked for it. But together, we will find something in your life that makes interesting subject material for an article. We have not failed yet and we will not fail with you. Mainly because we know where to look.