Anger Management Professional Coaching



Anger Management Professional Coaching

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What is anger management

Introduction to Anger

What is anger management part 2

Levels of Change

Counselling Skills 1

Counselling Skills 2

Psychodynamic Theory

Humanistic Theory

CBT Part 1

CBT part 2

CBT part 3

Life coaching part 1

Life coaching part 2

Life coaching part 3

Life coaching part 4. Working with stress and anger using coaching

Life coaching part 5. Working with non specific variations and symptoms

Life coaching part 6. Working with couples and groups

Disputes in anger management

Types of anger

Reasons for anger

Time management

Healing NOS part 1

Healing NOS part 2

Basic anatomy and physiology part 1

Basic anatomy and physiology part 2

Healing relaxation

Healing preparation

Crystal healing

Behavioural change. Basic self hypnosis, and basic NLP

Autogenics for self help and healing

Advising on basic nutrition

Advising on basic exercise programmes

Setting up and running a professional practice

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