Clairvoyancy - Understanding the Practice



Clairvoyancy - Understanding the Practice

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  • Dream Analysis - Understanding the Practice - Sleep is the balm for hurt minds, nature's great second course. Since earliest times man has been convinced that dreams could foretell the future, and the theory that dreams come true is still accepted today. It would be unrealistic to assume that ... Read More »
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  • Palmistry - We can learn to know the man through the hand, just as we understand the universe through the man. Palmistry is believed to have originated in the earliest Aryan civilisation. There is no doubt it is an extremely ancient art, known over 5000 years ago... Read More »
  • Psychic Counsellor - Psyche is feeling not seeing and the more relaxed you are the greater your psychic ability will be. This course shows you how to develop your intuitive abilities, how to recognise your own psychic abilities and how to responsibly counsel other using... Read More »
  • Rune Divination - It stands to reason that the Runes reveal secrets and should not be taken lightly. Norse mythology informs us that the god, Odin discovered Runes whilst attempting to discover the secrets of life and death. The secrets of Runes are now passed to... Read More »