Environmental Legislation and Policy



Environmental Legislation and Policy

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The UK Legislative System

1.1 Statute law and common law
1.2 Criminal law and civil law
1.3 Statutory nuisance
1.4 The influence of European law

Environmental Law

2.1 The development of environmental law
2.2 Environmental Protection Act 1990
2.3 Environment Act 1995
2.4 Waste legislation
2.5 Water legislation
2.6 Air legislation
2.7 Noise nuisance
2.8 Planning and conservation
2.9 Health and safety legislation
2.10 Register of environmental legislation

Environmental Policy

3.1 What is an environmental policy?
3.2 Producing and evaluating an environmental policy
3.3 Communicating the policy

Appendix 1: Amerada Hess's environmental policy statement

Appendix 2: Unilever's environmental policy statement

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