Forensic Science



Forensic Science

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Unit 1 Introduction to forensic science

  • What is forensic science?
  • Scientific disciplines
o   Chemistry
o   Biology
o   Computing
Unit 2 Crime scene investigations
  • The role of the forensic science services
  • Health and Safety
  • Crime scene preservation
  • Documentation of the scene and its evidence
  • Recognition and recovery of physical evidence
  • Transportation and storage and of evidence
  • Chain of custody
Unit 3 Investigating computer based electronic evidence
  • Gathering digital forensic evidence
  • Common types of storage devices
  • Recovering and packaging of digital evidence
  • Transporting digital evidence
  • Written records
  • Principles of gathering digital forensic evidence
Unit 4 Crime scene equipment
  • General equipment
  • Optional equipment
  • Specialised equipment
Unit 5 Analysis of crime scene evidence
  • Inspect and prepare submitted items
  • A range of chemical, biological and physical techniques applied to forensic analysis
o   DNA analysis
o   Body fluid analysis
o   Blood stain pattern analysis
o   Fingerprint analysis
o   Physical impression and imprints analysis
o   Trace evidence analysis
o   Arson analysis
o   Explosives analysis
o   Ballistics analysis
o   Drug analysis
o   Documents analysis
o   Digital equipment analysis
  • Interpreting results
Unit 6 Presentation of evidence
  • Presenting findings
  • Written and oral skills
  • Computing skills