Managing Performance (Skills Course)



Managing Performance (Skills Course)

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Performance Management:

  • how to set a performance agreement
  • how to set a performance plan
  • how to monitor performance
  • how to review job understanding

Contracts of Employment:

  • basic principles of managing a contract
  • forming a contract
  • laws that affect contracts
  • benefits of forming contracts

Equal Opportunities:

  • managing Equal Opportunities
  • the Law and discrimination
  • equality of employment

Disciplinary Management:

  • managing a grievance
  • distinguish between conduct and capability
  • identify fair reasons for dismissal
  • following a logical process

Categorising Conduct:

  • categorising conduct issues
  • taking appropriate action

Managing Assertiveness:

  • handling aggressive behaviour more effectively
  • taking responsibility for your own behaviour
  • recognising assertive / non assertive / and aggressive behaviour AIM

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