People, Organisation and Management



People, Organisation and Management

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Setting the Scene

  • Globalisation
  • Technology and E-Commerce
  • Demographic Trends

The Nature of Organisations

  • Different Forms Work Organisations Can Take
  • Theoretical Models of Management
  • Changing Organisations

People in Organisations

  • The Employment Relationship: Conflict and Cooperation
  • Compliance and Commitment
  • Managing Conflict – The Use and Abuse of Power

Groups and Teamworking

  • What is a Group?
  • How Are Groups Formed?

People in Organisations

  • Introduction
  • Employer Branding
  • Employer of Choice
  • Mindset Flexibility

HRM – The Link Between People and Management

  • HR as a Strategic Partner
  • HR Checklist
  • Status and the Influence of HR

Management in Organisations

  • Classical Organisation Theory
  • The War for Talent
  • Knowledge Management
  • The Future of Knowledge Management
  • High Commitment Practices (HCPs)

Specific People

  • Stress
  • Unemployment