Professional Therapeutic Counselling



Professional Therapeutic Counselling

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Below you will find a list of courses that previous students have taken to complement their course. We hope that this list will give you some idea of the types of progression courses we offer, or alternative course options that may be of interest to you.

  • Anger and Aggression Management - Anger and Aggression Management Course It is a known fact that the confusion of angry feelings with aggressive behaviour creates a tremendous barrier to the expression of the natural, healthy, universal and useful human emotion that we call anger. ... Read More »
  • Basic Philosophy - We all philosophize whenever we attempt to handle abstract ideas and it matters considerably whether we do it well or badly. The object of this course is to introduce the student to the activity of philosophizing and dispel the myth that philosophy... Read More »
  • Behavioural Therapy - Andrew Salter who founded modern behavioural therapy used conceptions of excitation and inhibition as the basis for treatment of the neurotic. When excitatory forces dominate, people are action-orientated and emotionally free. They meet life on their... Read More »
  • Lifestyle Consultant - Business - The traditional focus on specific job-related skills has expanded to include the training needs of the whole person necessary for meeting the constant challenges of changes in corporate environment. This course provides the student with a barefoot... Read More »
  • Child Care - Child Care Course Possibly the most important thing a parent will ever do in their life is to care for their child. Many parents adapt very easily to this function and others want to gain as much information as possible on how to take care of the child... Read More »