Project Management - Advanced



Project Management - Advanced

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This course contains 5 modules:

Module 1 – Project management principles and approaches

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the principles of project management
  • Describe different approaches to project management
  • Describe the use of technology in project management

Module 2 – Project initiation and planning

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe how and why a feasibility study would be carried out
  • Explain how to prepare a business case for a project
  • Explain how project plan is prepared
  • Identify documentation for project planning and show how it can be used

Module 3 – Managing project finance and resources

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use forecasting techniques to show how project finances can be estimated
  • Describe how finances and resources for projects can be secured
  • Show how budgets can be used to control project finances
  • Describe reporting of project finance and resource use

Module 4 – Managing project quality and risk

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe why it is important to identify and manage risk for a project
  • Identify risks in a given scenario and suggest how they might be minimised/managed
  • Describe approaches to quality management
  • Apply appropriate quality management solutions in given scenarios

Module 5 – Managing people and communications in project management and the Project Life cycle

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the importance of managing stakeholder expectations and how this can be achieved
  • Define the project team and team roles
  • Explain effective team management techniques for successful projects
  • Explain why effective communication is important successful team working and how this can be achieved
  • Describe the stages of the project life cycle
  • Describe approaches to project closedown and reporting
  • Explain how to evaluate the success of projects
  • Apply appropriate project management techniques to a given scenario