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Sports Coaching

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Below you will find a list of courses that previous students have taken to complement their course. We hope that this list will give you some idea of the types of progression courses we offer, or alternative course options that may be of interest to you.

  • Exercise Physiology - Coaches at International level are employing the services and skills of exercise physiologists (plus psychologists, nutritionists, etc.) in order to lessen the chances of failure and to ensure victory. This course is designed to give therapists the... Read More »
  • Fitness Management - Fitness Management Course If you are keen on sports or general fitness, then this is the fitness management course for you as we teach you to understand what fitness really is, and it enables you to develop a balanced fitness programme for yourself ... Read More »
  • Personal Fitness Trainer - Online Personal Fitness Trainer Course This course is designed to enable the fitness instructor and coach develop their skills in providing a dedicated one-to-one service for health and fitness clients. About Personal Fitness Trainer By reviewing ... Read More »
  • Sports Electro-Therapy - Electro-therapy has been used within physiotherapy and sports injuries clinics for many years. It has proved to be one of the greatest aids in the treatment of sports type injuries in the last 25 years and has aided the speedy recovery of many conditions... Read More »
  • Sports Injuries - Sports Injuries Course This specialist sports injuries course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of how sporting injuries can occur, the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of such injuries. About Sports Injuries Our ... Read More »