Supporting People In Social Care (Skills Course)



Supporting People In Social Care (Skills Course)

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Professional Membership

On completion of this course you will be eligible to join the following Professional Associations(s):

Qualifications Register

Qualifications Register

Anyone who is studying for or has completed a course endorsed by an Ofqual approved awarding body is eligible to join Qualifications Register.  The Qualifications Register (QR) is an independent register that aims to serve both members of the public and those professionals who hold recognised qualifications.

QR's primary aim is to provide transparency to members of the public and employers. The QR is a searchable database that allows them to find a practitioner and view the relevant qualification and endorsements the practitioner holds. The member of the public is then able to make an informed decision in relation to the suitability of the practitioner.  QR also tracks whether practitioners have insurance, again something that is useful for members of the public.  QR can also help professionals gain insurance or find professional indemnity cover.  Click here to find out more.

Members of the public can check an independent source with complete confidence that the practitioner has the qualification(s) they claim to have and that any additional CPD the practitioner has, is verified and quality assured to make sure that the CPD is being done on a regular basis. QR tracks a practitioners endorsed CPD (in unison with our CPD accreditation partner Lifetime Awarding) and other key signals to help members of the public and employers to come to a more informed decision about the professional they intend to use. This is an enormously valuable signal that's increasingly important as business becomes more deregulated and privatised.

For practitioners QR helps you market your skills, endorsements and feedback transparently to a wider audience. It also gives you access to a community to help make you more able to progress and succeed in your field of expertise.  Click here to find out more.

Social Care Association (SCA)

Social Care Association (SCA)

On completion of your course you will be able to join the SAC as a Network Member.
SCA believes that the application of good practice in any setting happens finally between the person using services and the social care worker.  Our purpose and business is supporting that person to practise well.
Benefits of Membership
1. Demonstrate to your employer and to your registering council that you are committed to the pursuit of best practice and ongoing learning.
2. Protect your own ability to work should the worst ever happen and you have problems with either your employer or your registering body.  (SCA does not defend poor practice)
3. Join in influencing thinking and practice in social care – share your experiences and learn from others.
4. Gain access to SCA training and education opportunities and other services with Member Discount.
As a member of the SCA you will receive:

1. Access to good practice guidance
2. Opportunities to share experiences and discuss practice developments
3. The chance to have a voice and influence policy
4. Access to a network of good practitioners
5. Discounts on SCA services, publications and seminars