Women's Stress



Women's Stress

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  • Stress Consultant - Corporate & Professional - Stress impacts upon our lives each and everyday. What may be a stressful situation for one can be a motivational tool for another. It is our ability to perceive or value the stress and the ways in which we deal or cope with it that can make all the difference... Read More »
  • Stress Counselling in the Workplace -  "High stress levels experienced from the boardroom to the shop floor frequently result in a decline in work performance, productivity and contribute to individual and family crises." Companies can only benefit from retaining the services... Read More »
  • Stress Management - Advanced - "Many of the happiest, most successful, well adjusted people are those who have learned to respond to high levels of stress in a positive and balanced way". Stress - related disorders have become increasingly common in Western Society. The... Read More »
  • Stress Management - Stress can be defined as the experience of unpleasant over - or under-stimulation which actually or potentially leads to ill health. Stress is the result of a mismatch between the challenges you experience and your belief in your ability to cope. ... Read More »
  • Women's Stress - "There are lots of sources of stress. The critical stress a woman experiences is the problem of denying what she knows is the truth. This includes denying her essential feminine qualities." If a woman denies her knowledge of what she is and... Read More »