Working in Health Care



Working in Health Care

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The course is divided up into five units, as follows:

Unit 1: Understanding the Structure of the Health Care Sector

The National Health Service

Structure of the Healthcare System in the UK

  • The Department of Health
  • The Secretary of State for Health
  • NHS England
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Health and Wellbeing Boards
  • Public Health England

Delivery of NHS Services

Primary Care Services

Health Care in the UK Home Countries

Private Health care

The Complementary and Alternative Medicine Sector


Unit 2:  Liaise Between Primary, Secondary and Community Teams

Primary Health Care Team

Secondary Health Care Team

Community Health Care Team

Forming Healthy Working Relationships with Others

Working Together in Teams

Working in Partnership with Others


Legislation relating to information sharing

Work in ways that are agreed with the employer

Legal Responsibilities

Summary of legislation and regulations

Useful links


Unit 3: Support Individuals to Identify, Access and Use Services and Facilities

Services and Facilities about Which Individuals May Require Information

Services provided in an Individual’s Home

Services and Facilities provided outside the Individual’s Home

The Benefits of Accessing a Range of Services and Facilities

Identify Possible Barriers to Accessing and Understanding Information

Support Individuals to Understand Information

Check an Individual Understands the Information

Support Individuals to Identify and Select Services and Facilities

Agree Preferred Options for Services and Facilities

Support Individuals to Access and Use Services and Facilities

Support Individuals to Review Access to and Use of Services and Facilities

Methods of Giving Feedback

Other Sources of Support


Unit 4 Physical Resources to Meet Service Delivery Needs in a Health Setting

Physical Resources

Equipment, Supplies and Aids and Medications Needed By an Individual Receiving Care

IT Office Equipment and Supplies

Managing Physical Equipment Supplies and Materials

Plan the Use of Physical Resources

Obtain Physical Resources

The Purchasing Policy and Procedure

An Environmentally Friendly Purchasing Policy

Ensuring Continued Availability and Quality of Resources

Monitoring the Use of Physical Resources

Space Management

Safeguarding Equipment

IT Security

Managing Human Resources Efficiently


Unit 5: Give Customers a Positive Impression of Yourself and Your Organisation

Establishing Rapport with Customers

Responding Appropriately To Customers

Communicating Information to Clients